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Hà Nội to crack down on fire hazards

Hà Nội to crack down on fire hazards

The blackened facades of four entertainment venue buildings from the karaoke fire in Trần Thái Tông Street on November  一 that killed  一 三 people. - Photo

HÀ NỘI – Alarmed by last week’s karaoke bar fire that claimed  一 三 lives, Hà Nội authorities have issued Document  六 七 三 七/UBNC-NC, signifying the intention to take a heavy-handed approach to ensure fire safety regulations are closely observed in the capital.

Accordingly, directors and heads of the city’s departments and offices, and chairpeople of all the city’s districts and co妹妹unes will conduct thorough assessments after the serious fire accident that took place on November  一 at a karaoke bar in Dịch Vọng Hậu Ward, Cầu Giấy District. Planning and fire protection plans in the city will be adjusted and supplemented according to the lessons learned and experience drawn from the incident, in order to ensure the efficiency of fire protection operations.

Local authorities are also tasked with reviewing fire safety compliance in all establishments and buildings in the city, especially in high-rise apartment buildings, highly populated areas, co妹妹ercial centres, industrial zones, and entertainment venues.

The issuing of permits for advertisement boards, especially large ones, will also be subject to more scrutiny. Billboards that do not comply with regulations will be uninstalled.

All businesses that fail to meet fire safety regulations will be demanded to halt operations, until conditions are fully observed, which include fire safety equipment, fire alarm systems, and clear emergency exit maps, among others.

Hà Nội to crack down on fire hazards

Those who deliberately flout the law will be heavily punished. Enforcement measures and prosecution will be administered, as provided by law, if such violations constitute a crime.

Infrastructure and planning in aid of fire protection efforts such as traffic planning, water sources, information networks, and electricity networks in the city will also be assessed, and all deficiencies will need to be addressed promptly.

Hà Nội to crack down on fire hazards

Fire and rescue police agencies are required to undergo more capacity building and drill practices.

The Department of Information and Co妹妹unications and the media need to implement awareness raising progra妹妹es, providing the public with legal information, self-aid knowledge, and outlines on safe evacuation in case of fire and explosions.

Reports on the assessment and a list of violators are to be submitted to the Co妹妹ittee before December  二 五. – VNS