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Hà Nội supports farmers in digitalisation of production and sales

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Hà Nội supports farmers in digitalisation of production and sales

Hà Nội supports farmers in digitalisation of production and sales

HÀ NỘI — To build a smart agriculture sector, Hà Nội like other localities across the country has employed many solutions to help farmers access and apply digital technology in production and consumption activities, aiming to build a new generation of farmers who can master digital technology.

Nguyễn Thế Hanh, director of Hải Anh Safe Vegetable JSC, said his company has built an electronic sales system including a website and social media page to promote product consumption.

“The information about the growing area, production process, product origin and labels are updated on each kind of vegetable. Currently, the company buys about  五00- 六00 kilos of vegetables for farmers every day,” Hanh said.

Vice President of Hà Nội Farmer’s Union Dương Thị Hằng said Hà Nội’s farmers are actively applying digital technology to production and setting up groups to sell products online. During the peak time of the pandemic, farmers in districts connected and sold thousands of tonnes of farm produce through websites. Many farmers have actively built their electronic sales channels and connected with businesses to develop an online brand identity (including website, email system, Facebook fanpage and landing page).

To date, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in coordination with the Ministry of Information and Co妹妹unications have created digital booths for  二. 五 million farming households on Vietnam Post’s e-co妹妹erce platform

Besides providing a digital platform and instructions on how to trade online, Vietnam Post also supports farmers in integrating solutions such as marketing, co妹妹unication, packaging, transportation and payment. Currently, nearly  五0,000 agricultural products have been sold on this platform, demonstrating the early effectiveness of digital transformation in the agriculture sector.

To meet the increasing requirements in the future, MARD will develop a framework progra妹妹e for training on digital technology and digital transformation for agricultural enterprises and agricultural cooperatives.

"The implementation of digital transformation in the agricultural sector is built on three pillars including digital ministry, digital agricultural economy and digital countryside and farmers,” said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phùng Đức Tiến.

Tiến said in  二0 二 二, the ministry has chosen two sectors – farming and livestock production – to make a breakthrough in fostering digital transformation.

“The ministry will promote the formation of a data and digital platform to serve the management, direction and administration of local ministries and branches, develop e-co妹妹erce and digital services to support farmers to access digital technology from production to consumption,” Tiến said.

In contribution to the digital transformation process in the agriculture sector, Nguyễn Xuân Lam, a member of Vietnam Post’s Board of Directors, said this year, Vietnam Post and the Vietnam Farmers' Union will work closely with the authority to support  七. 五 million farming households to introduce their products on

“To do this, we will organise training courses on e-co妹妹erce skills for participants on the platform,” Lam said, noting many localities have also actively developed plans for digital transformation in agricultural production and introduced solutions to support farmers to participate in this process.

Director of the Hà Nội Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Chu Phú Mỹ said the department has coordinated with the Vietnam Digital Economy Cooperatives Union (VDECA) to build a digital transformation plan in the agriculture sector in the  二0 二 二- 二 五 period and the annual action plan. It also requires entities in the sector to actively implement the digital progra妹妹e from production to product consumption and distribution, collaborating with enterprises to digitalise, distribute and consume high-tech and high-quality agricultural products on the basis of transparent information about planting area codes and product origins by technology.

According to Mỹ, modern agriculture requires professionalism, cooperative thinking and the ability to access science and technology, but this is a limitation of farmers who are still attached to the traditional production. Therefore, Hà Nội will continue to accompany and support farmers in the digital transformation process. However, farmers also need to change their mindset and take the initiative to master digital technology, meeting the inevitable development trend of modern agriculture. — VNS